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Do you feel stuck on how to go after your goals and visions for 2019?

…then you definitely want to join us for this special event!

This is perfect for you if:

▶︎ Your original intentions and goals for 2019 are already collecting dust

▶︎ For some reason, you’re feeling disconnected from your spiritual practice

▶︎ January felt like THE longest month. February is FLYING by. And you’re thinking…”WTF it’s already almost March?!”

▶︎ …and you STILL don’t have real results to show for

▶︎ You want to FEEL good, grounded and connected so you can get your ass into action

▶︎ You need someone to SIMPLIFY things for you. Go BACK to BASICS. And do a complete spiritual reset.

⬇ That’s 100% me!⬇

Let me guess…

Deep inside you have a vision that you’re pumped on.

You know you’re here to do MORE then just wake up, drink coffee, go to work, come home and sit around.

But you just CAN’T seem to breakthrough.

You find a little momentum on Monday and by Friday you’re already burned out.

You’re overwhelmed by the thought of taking action towards your desires/visions/goals.

Because you just don’t know where to start. Or how it’s all going to work out.’re done feeling like you’re on a hamster wheel headed nowhere fast.


I know the feeling…because I’ve been there.

The problem:

You don’t have a solid foundation to launch forward and breakthrough.

The solution:

It’s time to go BACK TO BASICS and create a spiritual foundation is unfuckable with.

* * *

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10 days.
10 exercises.

During Back to Basics Bootcamp you will:

Create a spiritual base with the unfuckable structure you’ve been craving to
bring your juiciest visions and goals to reality.


We begin on March 1st, 2019

  • 10 days. 10 spiritual exercises. Your spiritual reset.

  • We begin on March 1st, 2019.

  • Upon signing up, you'll receive a WELCOME E-MAIL from me inviting you to join our private Back to Basics Bootcamp Facebook Group.

  • Every day leading up to the B2B Bootcamp, our Facebook Group will be BUZZING with energy and community. A ton of valuable content will provided for you to PREP + get pumped. 

  • On March 1st, WE BEGIN! Each day, for 10 days, I will be inside the B2B Bootcamp FB group to deliver you a new live video exercise.

  • ++ PLUS a daily text message will be sent to you to help keep you on track.

  • And you'll get to share your epic ah-ha moments and receive unlimited support from Tori + FB group.

  • Let’s do this!!!


DAY 1: It's All About the Energy & Frequency Baby

DAY 2: WTF is Universal Intelligence? 

DAY 3: Manifestation 101 

DAY 4: Drop into Your Desires & Dreams

DAY 6: Breakthrough Blocks, Barriers + Resistance 

DAY 5: How to get into Alignment. Every damn day. 

DAY 6: Make Gratitude Your Amplifier

DAY 7: How to Finally Fucking Surrender 

DAY 8: Meditation Made Easy. For real.

DAY 9: The Secret Sauce to Visualization & Affirmations

DAY 10: Get Off Your Ass and into Action

*This is a sample schedule. Topics are subject to changes as Tori sees fits.

Meet Your Host!
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