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  • Is your self-doubt a major source of stress for you?

  • Find yourself constantly critiquing yourself and those around you?

  • Having a hard time deciphering between your intuition and fear? 

  • DYING to be one of those people that just takes action and sees massive results?

  • Excited to finally rid your mind, body + soul of toxic doubt?

  • Ready to shred up the past and tap into the limitless Universal supply of well-being? 

  • Committed to transforming your pain into purpose once and for all?

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Tell me if this any of this sounds familiar... 

"I'm never going to catch up, I keep running out of time."

"I don't know what the right thing is anymore. I'm just so confused."

"What if it doesn't work out? I rather not be disappointed." 

"Am I doing this wrong? I feel like I can't get anything right."

"Ugh, I wish I had enough money to travel and not just work all the time."

"I don't know what my purpose is, I just want to help people."

"I feel like I keep settling for less." 

"I wish I could love myself more." 

"I don't have any time to work on myself." 

"I'm too much, I rather not be fully seen. No one is going to really understand me."

"I feel like I'm too emotional. I have no control over my emotions." 

"I'm going to wait until I have more clarity and then do it."

Just reading those feels exhausting, right?! But how many times have you caught yourself going in a downward spiral over your worries and doubts?

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Love, I know your doubts feel very real. And your worries feel triumphant.

But I'm here to tell you a little secret... 

99% of your problems can be solved by decreasing
your self-doubt and increasing your self-worth. 

How you feel on the inside and what you say to yourself
on a daily basis dictates exactly what you
will experience in the outside world every single day. 

It's a mindset game. And it's your soul's mission to master it.

You didn't come here to this planet to worry and
drive yourself crazy doubting every decision you have or had to make. 

You came here to be a badass intuitive force of light
and get shit done with purpose and pleasure

You see... no one teaches you this in school.
We are CONDITIONED to fear the outside world
instead of feel empowered by it.

Yes, this means you've been TAUGHT that you are not
enough since you were a young child. 
You have to prove yourself.
You have to be better than her or him.
You can't have it all, that's selfish.  
You can't fail. That's illegal.
Time is running out. 
You aren't doing enough. 

This is what we were conditioned to believe going into the world. 

And you know what the

Doubt Detox is all about? 

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Doubt Detox is a 30-day program designed for you to completely ELEVATE beyond your self-doubt and TRANSFORM the way you think, make decisions, attract opportunities and bring your great work into the world. 


Over the 30 days of the Doubt Detox, we'll be deep diving into: 

✳︎ Your current dose of doubt - how it's affecting the main areas of your life and why you're farther along than you think
✳︎ Healing your past years of worry + doubt and FORGIVING yourself so you can begin writing a brand new story with new rules
✳︎ Proving why all your circumstances and limitations are FALSE and why you have super soul powers that are WAITING for you to claim them
✳︎ Restocking your mind, body and soul with positive affirmations
✳︎ Why some people make decisions quick and easy and how you can too
✳︎ Manifesting with more confidence in unexpected ways
✳︎ Breaking through your limiting beliefs and false circumstances so you can become a powerful attractor
✳︎ Increasing your self-doubt and how that trickles down into all areas of your life
✳︎ Removing all the toxic guilt and shame that you have stuck around your desires so you can propel forward in the direction of your desires
✳︎ Creating your dream vision so that the Universe can 100% support you
✳︎ Connecting to your higher power in a way that opens you to the divine gifts that are waiting for you

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The Doubt Detox is interactive, super fun and
the best part can do it in your jammies! 

We begin on April 1. 

Each week you'll receive 5 pre-recorded videos from me
that are sent out to you across Monday - Friday.

This leaves you with the weekend to catch up,
enjoy a cheat day and put the action items into practice. 

Each video is 15 - 20 minutes long and includes a daily lesson, daily action item and journal prompt. It is designed for you to be able to complete within 30 minutes and you'll have the weekend to further put it into practice. 

Like any detox, you're going to have a "meal plan" but instead of boring veggies (don't get me wrong I love me some veggies), your Doubt Detox comes with Morning Soul Cleanses and Evening Soul Prep so each day you're fully supported and set up for massive success. 

After going through each of the videos for the week, we will hop on all together through a Facebook Livestream where I will do a private Q&A with you and all the other
Doubt Detoxers to make sure you have all your questions answered about your experience that week.

You will also have access to me through the private Facebook group to share wins, ask questions and seek support. You will have LIFETIME access to all of the material provided during the program. 

My intention with the Doubt Detox is that you are held accountable for the mindset work and deep soul cleansing that you will be experiencing. Not only will I be there to hold you accountable but you'll also have a fellow Doubt Detoxer as your partner in crime along the way. 

This is an AMAZING, elevated group of humans joining together for one reason:
to transform into a super attractor in 30 days. 

Let's do this!

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