Doubt Detox: Step 1 Livestream


(Can we talk about how this was the best thumbnail for me to choose from? 🤣)

Honestly, it’s easy to juggle what the hell could happen. ⠀

But it takes true heart & divine will to say fuck that and decide what will happen.⠀

It’s easy to find something wrong. As humans our brains are wired to find the error. ⠀

But it takes the intelligence of the soul to decide how good life gets to be. 

It’s easy to manage your circumstances. It feels safe there. That way you know what will happen next. ⠀

Because you set the limit. ⠀

But it takes courage to create your experience from a place of bold and wild action. ⠀

It’s easy to over-analyze and logically “make sense” of all that could happen. ⠀

That feels safe too, doesn’t it?⠀

But in the unknown is where LIFE happens. ⠀

And on a soul level, you’re dying to expand. ⠀

Have the audacity to live on purpose with pleasure and faith. ⠀

Have the audacity to ask for what you want. ⠀

And if they say how dare you?⠀

Ask, how COULD I not? ⠀

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Doubt Detox cart is open for 48 more hours.
I made this a short launch on purpose
because you already know the answer in your heart.

You don't have to doubt yourself - you get to take the leap of faith
and invest in your well-being. 

> > Take action and the Universe will reward you immensely. < < 


We begin April 1 so starting Sunday you will begin your transformation from chronic self-doubter to badass super attractor. I'm holding a spot for you. 🙌🏽

Here's what other women are saying about working with me: 

"My whole world has been changing since the Vibe High workshop. I can't wait for more." ~ Lindsay M. 

"Signing up for your program is the best thing I've done for myself." ~ Adriane C. 

"I was wrapped up in a job that was sucking my soul out of me. I woke up each day not knowing what my purpose was and how I could get from point A to point B. Once working with Tori, I discovered a deeper meaning to my soul, a deeper meaning to everything I wanted to manifest in my life. She equipped me with the tools to actually walk down my life path and stand confident as I went through it." ~ Claire R. 

To your future life as a super attractor,