Doubt Detox: Step 2 Livestream


In the world of self-improvement there's something I see missing over and over again. This is the second step in the Doubt Detox - the secret sauce you need to go from a chronic self-doubter at work and in your relationships to a super attractor in 30 days. 

In this video I reveal the reason why you aren't seeing the results you'd like to see in the way you feel at work. I break down why you doubt yourself in your relationships and why your love life might feel like it's lacking something or just not exist at all. 

To me, this is the most important step in conquering your doubt because self-image is QUEEN. 

Once you elevate the way you view yourself, you become a magnet to love and fulfillment. You start to attract opportunities that feel so aligned. New friendships form out of nowhere. Colleagues at work start to speak and interact with you differently. The things you've been waiting for finally show up after months or maybe years. 

If you're ready to go on a JOURNEY of conquering your self-doubt once and for all then I invite you to get into the Doubt Detox before we CLOSE in just 24 hours.

In 24 hours the link will disable and you might have to wait a really long time before you can get into the next Doubt Detox round.

I've opened the Doubt Detox to a select number of women who are most committed about making massive changes in their lives.

I’m not just talking small baby steps here. I'm pouring everything into this so we will go far deeper than anything I've shared so far. 

This is the Doubt Detox, I’m going to show you how to take back your love life and start showing up in the world in the most powerful way. 


If you’re sick and tired of feeling paralyzed by your self-doubt and you don’t want to wait a second longer to take back your life then go get into Doubt Detox right now.

We begin on tomorrow morning at 10am. I cannot wait to WELCOME you on this adventure!!! 


All love,


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Doubt Detox cart is open for 24 more hours.

You don't have to doubt yourself - you get to take the leap of faith
and invest in your well-being. 

> > Take action and the Universe will reward you immensely. < < 


We begin April 1 so starting Sunday (TOMORROW!!) you will begin your transformation from chronic self-doubter to badass super attractor. I'm holding a spot for you. 🙌🏽

Here's what other women are saying about working with me: 

"My whole world has been changing since the Vibe High workshop. I can't wait for more." ~ Lindsay M. 

"Signing up for your program is the best thing I've done for myself." ~ Adriane C. 

"I was wrapped up in a job that was sucking my soul out of me. I woke up each day not knowing what my purpose was and how I could get from point A to point B. Once working with Tori, I discovered a deeper meaning to my soul, a deeper meaning to everything I wanted to manifest in my life. She equipped me with the tools to actually walk down my life path and stand confident as I went through it." ~ Claire R.