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Imagine activating the part of your soul that has longed
to be seen, heard and acknowledged for it's REALNESS.

Or joining with a group of women to affirm and awaken
your creative potential without comparing, judging or feeling jealousy. 

Vibe High Soul Revival is a unique opportunity for YOU
to invest energy in your next-level of growth. 

We've created a 4-part series that will be intentionally guide on a journey of raising your vibration, reviving your soul's purpose and reclaiming your ultimate destiny. 


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We begin on Friday, March 16th. 

All sessions will be held at the beautiful Trilogy Sanctuary Earth Room

  • From there, we'll meet the 3rd Friday of the month for 4 weeks. 
  • Each Soul Session builds on the other and you are encouraged to take the journey but if time or dates don't allow, attending one-off sessions will still leave you feeling incredibly fulfilled.


ALL sessions 6 PM - 8 PM
-- Friday, March 16th
-- Friday, April 20th
-- Friday, May 18th
-- Friday, June 15th

$35 per Soul Session Pre-Registration ($40 door)

$110 entire 4-Part Series ***SAVE 20% OFF***

Hey love! My name is Tori Washington and I'll be your guide & ally on this journey. 

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Tori is a Spiritual Lifestyle Teacher, mindset specialist, author and inspirational speaker.  Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she's now planting roots in San Diego, California. She specializes in helping women turn on their intuition and transform self-doubt into self-love.

Learning how to raise your vibration, reviving your soul and reclaiming your destiny are the bedrock of Tori's teachings. Throughout the year she offers retreats, meditation techniques, mindset work, daily rituals and energy healing to help individuals align with their highest potential so they feel empowered to step up as a contributor of this planet.

When Tori isn’t teaching and leading retreats, you can find her dancing to live music, watching the sunset, collecting crystals, manifesting, hosting live talks, writing and traveling the world.

Here's how the journey will unfold... 


Vibe High Soul Revival: SPACE (Friday, March 16th)

In your first Soul Session, you’ll explore the concept of space. But not the way you might imagine like cleaning your house or room. Tori will be leading you through powerful cleansing rituals that will assist you in cleaning up negative energy and unwanted attachments to people/places/things that no longer serve you.

  • Understand which areas of your life are out of alignment so you can prioritize where your intention is being directed
  • Create space within your MIND and BODY so you can evolve into new levels of discovery and growth
  • Experience an energetic cleanse that will leave you feeling uplifted and inspired for your path

Vibe High Soul Revival: ENERGY (Friday, April 20th)
In this Soul Session, Tori will guide you on a journey of your emotional body which holds powerful energy that dictates how you show up in the world. You’ll gain a deep understanding of how your emotions act as an important guidance system as you move through change, transitions and intense life-experiences.

  • Crack the foundations of shedding limiting beliefs and limiting behaviors
  • Learn strategies to set energetic boundaries, availability and standards
  • Dive into the basics of energy healing so you can gain tools for personal use

Vibe High Soul Revival: INTUITION (Friday, May 18th)
In this Soul Session, Tori is going to introduce you to your inner-guide, often referred to as your intuition. You’ll learn how to activate your intuition and begin integrating the Law of Attraction into your daily life as a way to powerfully manifest your desires.

  • Learn what your Emotional Guidance System is and how to use it in your career, life and love
  • Experience a guided card reading to receive clarity and confirmation in a specific area of your life
  • Dive into guided intuitive development work to create a stronger connection with your inner-guide

Vibe High Soul Revival: EXPANSION (Friday, June 15th)
In your final Soul Session, you’ll be led to discover and connect with your core message and mission on this planet. Tori will gently guide you through the process of redefining your core beliefs about yourself and your relationships so you can energetically align with all that you are creating.

  • Create a 3-month purpose driven action plan to expand your message/dream/vision out into the world
  • Gain unbreakable confidence to speak your truth out-loud in personal and intimate settings
  • Share with like-minded soul sisters on a spiritual path to freedom
  • Ignite inspiration so you have the fuel to take action from a place of purpose

I cannot wait to work with you! Any and all questions send them my way at xo