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Go from blurry and blocked to an intuitive woman in action.

We begin on JANUARY 22nd

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Analyzing the direction of my life and spinning in circles with fear…

Hiding my voice because I was too afraid to speak.

Paralyzed by my fear of the unknown…

I knew intuition was a thing. I just didn’t know how to use it or access it.

I didn’t feel capable enough.

Questions like…

How do I know it’s true? Can I trust it?
Is this my intuition or my imagination?”

Would always cloud my confidence.

Until finally, I broke free and became an intuitive badass in action.

Tori’s presence allowed us to be open to new experiences and create goals for ourselves in a realistic and powerful way. She made all of us feel that we could accomplish anything we set forth today and deserved to do so as well. She brought healing, song, yoga, meditation, and love to a space once made up of strangers, eventually becoming sisters on another wavelength.
— Shannon Welsh, Teacher & Children's Meditation Guide
Imagine this for just a moment...

You have a clean, clear connection with the Universe. 

There's a new-found confidence in making decisions for your personal and professional life. 

You know that you're on the right path to reaching your full potential. 

You're empowered to do the things you know you want to do.
Not just what you think you should do.

There's an unshakeable trust that lives within you -
you feel secure in the guidance of your intuition. 

You don't analyze the unknown. You're the type of person that creates with it.  

You love the woman you are in this moment.
And you love the woman you're becoming even more. 

You're overflowing with magnetic confidence, electric vibes and ecstatic joy

How does that feel to you?

Let me guess…you’re screaming inside, hell yes!

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Tori is just one of those people who makes you feel like you’ve know each other for your entire lives even if you just met moments before and because of that, she created a space where we were able to dig deep into the soul work that all of us were searching for in a safe, meaningful and memorable way. My biggest takeaway from working with Tori is that you are worthy. You are worthy of all that your soul desires from your life experience and you have the answers inside of in the process and Tori will help guide you to a new level in your life that you didn’t even know existed.
— MB, Wellness Coach -- That Wellthy Life
What you can expect:
  • A new video lesson + intuitive exercise every week

  • A LIVE practice session with Tori every week (I refer to these as Intuitive Soul Sessions)

  • Access to Tori’s most transformative meditations and chakra clearing rituals

  • Recordings that you get to keep forever

  • Intimate 1:1 spiritual mentorship from your own intuitive guide, Tori Washington

  • A new tribe of spiritually curious women to connect & grow with

My story is probably similiar to yours...

I know you want to feel confident making decisions in your professional and personal life and I know you that you can. I see how badly you want a deeper connection with the Universe and your inner-guide. And, I believe that you’re capable.

How? I’ve been there.

Four years ago I found myself at rock bottom. I was burned out, in an unhappy engagement, in a city that no longer felt aligned and completely lost about “what was next.”

My body was sick from stress, my mind raced a million miles a minute and my heart was torn into pieces.

The idea of what “life was supposed to be” clouded my vision and I felt completely alone.

I became frustrated with the Universe because I felt it was *constantly* testing me. I couldn’t understand the confusing voice that was in my head and I desperately wanted to stop analyzing and start taking action so I could live a more fulfilled life.

The Universe took things in her own hand: the company I worked for fell apart, my engagement was called off,
I had to move out and found myself on my friend’s couch.

I learned the hard way that, I had to stop trying to fix what was outside of me and start looking within for the answers.

That is when my journey of activating my intuition began.

Until you learn the language of your intuition -
a big part of you will always feel stuck.

Sneak Peak inside GET INTUITIVE:

Intuition is not some special gift.

It’s an innate skill. You don’t have to be “special enough” or “spiritual enough” to have it.

I know you’re already intuitive. You just need a little guidance to help you learn the language of your inner-guide.

Ready to get started?

I felt I was finally surrounded by individuals, women, who would accept and understand me. Because of this, I left with a new mindset, a new perspective, a stronger belief in myself and the will to take action. I also left feeling validated. Validated in myself and in my path. Change is tough for those closest to you, and in my situation, my positive change has drawn a wedge in between most of the people in my life. No one knows how to communicate with me anymore just because I am finding my way differently than they are. It doesn’t seem to be accepted, but through my experience with Tori, I was fully accepted. If I had any doubt lingering, it is now gone. I am powerful and I am not going to let anyone stop me from changing the world!
— Patricia Ode, Founder of True Desserts