SISTERHOOD HE△LS is a tribe of women dedicated to transforming self-doubt into self-love. 

This is our year. The year we dissolve doubt into sustainable self-love. Self-love is the fuel you've been craving to keep going, keep knowing or to simply begin. You are not alone on this path and there is a gathering of women waiting for you to return back home to the truth of who you are and all that you came here to do. Together, we rise. 


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Hey there! I'm Tori..png

I'm Spiritual Teacher, Mindset Specialist, Energy Healer, Ceremony Leader, Creator of Vibe High Soul School and Founder of SISTERHOOD HE△LS. 

I help empathic women go from chronic worriers to intuitive warriors by activating their soul powers to breakthrough years of self-doubt, limiting beliefs, fear and anxiety. 

I'm obsessed with you being the hero of your own life and I come to you as an ally on your journey. 

What I know for sure: You are the writer of your story and the world needs you to love yourself enough to tell it, create it and live it outloud. 

I'm ALSO obsessed with GT kombucha (cosmic cranberry please), the perfect GF margarita pizza and alllll the crystals in the Universe. 

I am overjoyed that you landed here and not to be cheesy or anything but... I really do believe it happened for a reason.

Whether you're here to just look around or you're interested in one of my courses or programs - I promise, you didn't find me by accident. 

I welcome you to stay a while and can't wait to get to know you more.