What if I told you that 99% of your life's "problems" could be solved by increasing your self-worth?

Yep. I'm going to share a secret with you... 

Money issues. Career Plateaus. That feeling of being unfulfilled + stuck. The family member that still pisses you off. The 100th bad date you've been on. The relationship you're dying to be in... 

It's all related to your self-image and how you view yourself. 

I know, sounds too simple. But life isn't meant to be as complicated as we make it. I WISH someone would of told me this like 10 years ago. Now, I'm here to share the secret sauce you need to increase your self-worth and in return... elevate your entire life. 


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You're about to bust some big myths around rituals and create one of your own that you're obsessed with! Creating a ritual is the #1 thing that will help you tap into your intuition and shed layers of self-doubt. Let's begin!

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How would it feel to have 50 minutes of my undivided attention where you can express what's on your heart, break down all of your juicy visions and create a sustainable plan to achieve the results you yearn for?

Warning: this is for the woman who is ready to skyrocket and make a massive shift. They are invested in their self-development and ready to take action. We go deep and it's so good! 

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Drop the Meditation Struggle 

I see you over there, trying to meditate but really sitting there uncomfortable with your thoughts all over the damn place. I feel you! Because that used to be me. That's why I created 4 simple meditation tracks for you that are 100% guided and will help you stay on track. Try it! What've you got to lose?

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Are you a chronic worrier? Have you caught yourself listening to that annoying little voice in your head that says you're not good enough? 

Time for a detox, girl! You're going to love this. 

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