Welcome to the Inner Soul Circle beautiful! My name is Tori Washington and I'll be your guide on this epic journey. Now that you're a member of the Inner Soul Circle you have access to me and a group of amazing women every single month. YAY! 

Here's everything you need to know to get started: 

  1. To access the portal you'll need to set up your unique login. On the bottom right hand corner of this page -- you'll click the black tab - 'LOGIN/REGISTER' -- click REGISTER -- enter your information and from there, you'll receive instant access to the portal. 
  2. The portal is set up in 8 categories: 

    *Masterclasses: 50 - 60 minute classes breaking down a specific topic or theme
    *Guest Speakers: all guest speaker calls will be uploaded here. Date + time for our first guest speaker is below. 
    *Live Q&A's: all live q&a's recordings will be uploaded in this section. Date + time for our first Live Q&A below. 
    *Meditations: guided meditations you can download and use anytime. There is also a request form if you'd like me to make a specialized meditation based on what you're moving through. 
    *Moon Magic: new moon and full moon rituals, astrology and general moon guidance
    *Journals + Workbooks: quick worksheets, journal prompts and fun workbooks to get your creative juices flowing
    *How-to Video Guides: 5 - 10 minute how-to video guides. Request form is also available if you have a topic you'd like me to cover here! 
    *Live Soul Chats: 20 - 30 minute downloads from the Universe straight to you. I'll be presenting these on instagram and then uploading them for you to have exclusive access anytime. 

If you require support at any time, email and a team member will connect with you within 24 hours. 

All love,