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Tired of your intuition feeling confusing and blocked AF?

…then you definitely want to join us for this special event!

This is perfect for you if:

…you know deep down there’s more to life than you just being a physical body going to work and repeating the same routine

…you wonder if there’s other people that feel the same

…and you’ve been craving a space where you can “get weird” and talk all things intuition, spirit guides, universal signs, etc.

…but don’t want to sound crazy or too out there

you long for answers around what is your fear versus your intuition giving you direction in your life

…because once upon a time your intuition was very strong but now it feels clouded and blocked

…and you’re constantly trying to figure out what is real intuition and what is you being “in your head”

…but you refuse to hide from your gifts, shrink back or give up on your true potential any longer

…and now you’re finally ready to elevate into a deeper sense of self

⬇ That’s 100% me!⬇

Our intuition speaks a language many of us find foreign.

We keep ourselves from the gifts of intuition by ignoring its confusing voice. 

And as you’ve learned before with me, the finest gifts from the Universe are hidden where we are most afraid to go. 

I talk to dozens of women a week. Whether it’s coaching, leading a workshop or hosting a retreat — and their biggest hurdles of indecision are always answered with one word: Intuition. 

Until you learn the sacred language of your intuition,
a part of you will always feel lost. 

… until you learn how to trust the guidance of your intuition,
you will always let fear of the unknown push away your deepest desires. 

Deep down… I know you’re truly intuitive.

You just need a little guidance to help you
learn how to decipher the messages coming to you.

The Intuition 101 Schedule


December 30th | PART 1 --> Understand the three main differences between fear & intuition + Q &A

January 2nd | PART 2 --> What life is like when you know how/what to ask your intuition? + Q&A

January 4th | PART 3 --> The five main channels of intuition and how to listen to them + Q&A

January 6th | PART 4 --> Discover your six Higher Faculties and how to use them to manifest with your intuition + Q&A

January 8th | Part 5 --> Learn the connection between your heart > intuition and how to navigate it + Q&A

Each livestream training will be approximately 30 minutes
with a 15 minute Q&A added on to answer all of your burning questions!

This event is completely free. By registering, you get access to scheduling details,
live trainings, Q&A’s and recordings to revisit the content.

Meet Your Host!
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