The Universe taught me to live life this way. 

Because people don’t get to decide your future.

Only you do.

I am living proof. And, I know for a fact that it is my purpose on this Earth to teach you. 


When I was 17 years old, I looked my mother in the eye and said, I’ll never work a job that makes me unhappy. I refuse to.

I told her I just wanted to be happy… I wanted to be fulfilled. And I won’t settle for anything less.

She would argue back, “Honey, not every job is going to make you happy. You’ve gotta do what you gotta do and make sure you’re stable and comfortable.”

(I love you mom, if you're reading this. Who has now, left her miserable corporate 9-5 to live her DREAM life as a Real Estate Agent!!! 💜) 

Even though that was her belief, I refused to make it mine.

I knew in the bottom of my heart that life… it got to be better than just comfortable...stable...predictable…

I didn’t have any proof that life got to be better than that. 

But, there was a fire inside of me. A feeling deep down that confirmed this.

So, my whole life I followed that feeling. 

And, it took me down a path wilder than my dreams could ever muster up.

My parents got divorced when I was six years old. And most of my childhood was spent being the “12 year old going on 30.”

My mother always called me an old soul.

She would rely on me for things that an average 12 year old wouldn’t be able to comprehend but somehow I did.

We moved almost every year. I went to multiple schools, had multiple groups of friends, said goodbyes every month -- looking back at my childhood, it was always changing.

I felt a lot of guilt for taking a different path than my parents anticipated for me because I spent my whole life making sure they were okay.

But my past taught me how to move through change like a boss.

It’s not only a skill that I’ve mastered but a gift that I now get to teach other women.

Quitting jobs. Leaving unhealthy relationships. Moving. Shifting. Changing.

Yes, it hurt. Yes, it was scary at first. Yes, I had some doubts. Yes, I cried... every time. 

But I did it anyway. I let my action of DOING clear the fear - versus waiting for it to clear on its own (which doesn't ever happen.)

At first, my mother would question everything. My dad would confirm over and over - “are you sure? What’s your back up plan?”

I never had one. I just made the decision.

I followed the guidance of my heart and didn’t let my fear sway me into the muddy waters of doubt.

And then, a month ago. 

I went to back to my old life in Chicago… and it left the same bad taste in my mouth.

Often, we reach for the familiar thing or person or place...when really the true miracle lives outside of our comfort zones.

This was a beautiful lesson, a reminder that I've known all along that this was the way.

What would happen if you embraced the miracle that lives outside of your comfort zone?

It comes down to trust. 

Trusting yourself.

Trusting the Universe.

Trusting that your soul’s purpose is bigger than your fears.

What if you shattered the illusion of your fear?

What would you see?

When you decide to see yourself through the eyes of Spirit -- your fears melt away.

Your fear is an illusion that you get to shatter.

Your life's purpose is the truest version of who you are. 

Be that. See her. Feel her. Embody her. 

I love you and I believe in you.

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