Not so long ago, I went from hustling the corporate 9-5 grind in Chicago, disgustingly underpaid, suffering from chronic burn-out and boredum to starting my own spiritual mentorship business that impacts hundreds of women a year.

I am an expert at using my intuition to identify a woman’s unique gifts and desires. I have the ability to see past the blindspots/limiting beliefs that hold you back so that you can get a CLEAR vision on what your purpose actually looks and feels like.

Once you see this vision, a clear knowing gets activated within you and that’s when the fun begins.

I used to hide my gifts and intuitive abilities because I didn’t want to freak people out or come off as “too much.” I never felt like I knew enough or had enough expertise or knowledge to actually help other people or make a difference in the world.

For so long I thought I had to fix something about myself BEFORE I could actually follow my heart and succeed. But, I learned I needed to upgrade my self-worth and find support to help me get crystal clear on what it is I wanted to contribute to the world.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I have studied under master mindset teachers like Bob Proctor, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gabby Bernstein. I’ve created a career path that is completely unique to me. I healed my relationship with money so I could earn for my work. And, I am over the moon with joy seeing my voice and message impacting hundreds of women each year.

But. The more I stepped up to the plate, the more I realized there was a huge problem that no one was talking about.

I saw so many other women between the ages of 26 to 37 feeling bored or burned out at their jobs, switching careers every 2-3 years desperately trying to find something that lit them up. Or worse, getting let go from their job and having no confidence to find a new path.

I decided enough was enough and that’s when Soul Purpose Academy was created.