Hey sisterfriend!

I am so glad you landed here. You’re in the right place and I can’t wait to support you on in this big leap.

You’re probably similar to me four years ago…

You’ve thinking about quitting your 9-5 forever.

You so badly want to get on a career path that offers you meaning, fulfillment and resonates with your SOUL.

You have a BIG vision of starting your own business.
Or maybe becoming certified in something like massage therapy, teaching yoga, spiritual teaching, etc.

Whatever it is - you know in you heart that you want to help other women.

You also want a soulmate that is divine, stable and electric.

You desire intimacy from your soulmate that feels present and aligned with you.

AND, financial freedom is SUPER important to you.
You want to stop worrying about a comfortable salary and start to feel financially free.

You switch off between worrying about your career, then finding a soulmate, sometimes intimacy but mostly money.

Sometimes it feels like it can’t ALL be yours. And your goals feel scary.

You have a HUGE vision but you end up talking yourself out of it and go back to all the reasons why it won’t work.

Or all the ways you it could go wrong.

Yet here you are. You are finally ready to:

  • Turn your Soul’s Purpose into a CAREER

  • Get out of your own way and stop slowing down your growth

  • Go after your BIG goals and achieve them REGARDLESS of your current circumstances

  • Feel comfortable in my own skin no matter what

  • Experience conscious, radical self-love so you can learn how to turn THAT into a soulmate

  • Know that you’re ENOUGH just as you are

  • Reach FINANCIAL FREEDOM without worry or desperation

If this sounds like you, then you definitely want to join us inside OFF THE RECORD

OFF THE RECORD is an exclusive masterclass designed to lead you towards self-mastery and deeper soul fulfillment.

The truth is, how you show up in one area of your life is how you show up in EVERY area of your life.

Your career path, soulmate desires, intimacy and money are ALL connected.

This is NOT about rewriting old limiting beliefs until your hand is tired.

This is about IDENTIFYING and TRANSFORMING the key pattern in your life so you never feel powerless again.


It’s time to stop waiting.

For the right job.

The right man.

The perfect relationship.

The raise.

The money.

We’re going to unlock YOUR key pattern that’s playing out in these areas of your life.

The pattern that’s holding you back from receiving and having it ALL.

Once you do, you’ll never feel like “something” is missing again.

That block you constantly feel in your life will DISSOLVE and you will finally have the resources to make your BIG vision a reality.

I created this experience so you finally stop spinning your wheels wondering...

What career move do I make next?

When is my soulmate going to come into my life? How do I finally connect and meet him?

How can I finally reach financial freedom?

There are secrets to manifesting that NO ONE is talking about, like:

- How to leverage the 12 Laws of the Universe to create more meaning and fulfillment in your life 

- How to use your sexual energy center to manifest QUICKLY and CLEARLY 

- How to turn your life's purpose into a CAREER 

- How to skip desperation and constant searching and call in your SOULMATE

Are you in?!




Hey babe! My name is Tori Washington. I am a Spiritual Mentor, certified Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher and Keynote Speaker. 

I'm the no-bullshit soul sister you've always wanted - blending spiritual flow with deep belly laughter and massive action.

I lead high-achieving women like you towards self-mastery, soul purpose and deeper career fulfillment.

Through this experience, I am going to teach you how to go from a doubtful manifestor to a master of the Universe. 

Let's begin! 

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  • 4 Modules taught in a live classroom setting with Tori once a week for four weeks

  • Accountability Partner to accompany you on your journey

  • 1 Q&A Session per week to answer all your juicy questions 

  • Weekly worksheets to support your growth and self-discovery 

  • Manifestation practices, mindset hacks, deep conversations, massive shifts and transformational results 

  • Private FB Group to share your discoveries, ah-ha moments and amazing results! 

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This is for YOU if: 

  • You are sick of spinning your wheels repeating the same behavior in your love life, career and finances

  • You want to confidently manifest BIG things in your life like money, soulmates and fulfillment in your career

  • You are craving a safe space to unwrap taboo topics like soulmates and money so you can get down to the ROOT cause of your block

  • You feel like something is getting in the way of you receiving your REAL desires

  • You know you're a powerful creator of your reality - you just need some guidance to get you to the next level

Does this sound like you? Enrollment ends September 21st! 

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