I see you - you've been feeling like there's something more for you.

But for years you've been spinning your wheels

At a job that just feels okay.

In relationships that don't feel aligned.

And you're exhausted...

You've been trying SO hard to find your purpose and manifest your desires.  

But it never feels like enough.

You've heard of the Law of Attraction.
And you've even seen it work for other people.

You've tried the whole manifesting thing.

But it just feels like you're treading water. 

And re-doing the same thing over and over again.


This is it.

This is your time.

To get off the spiritual hamster wheel. 

To stop using your spirituality as an excuse. 

And instead, learn how how to use it not just for yourself,
but for the world at large. 

The Law of Attraction is ONE of twelve laws.

That means there are 11 laws that you aren’t using.

This is your time to get into action.

To learn the game of life. 

So that you can stop feeling overwhelmed by your emotions.
Stop feeling like you aren't enough at work or in love. 

And FINALLY see your vision, your purpose
and your soul's gifts come alive. 


You're invited to join us for the 4-Month VIP Mastermind. 

This is for you if... 

  • You’ve been manifesting for a while now but aren’t getting the results you want

  • You’ve been living your life choosing from options other people have given you instead of creating options for yourself

  • You’re eager to tap into your soul powers and take your life back

  • Making decisions is a MAJOR source of stress for you

  • You’re easily overwhelmed by the world around you and feel like you have to isolate yourself to get through the day

  • It feels like you’re constantly missing the mark and left feeling unfulfilled

  • You are yearning for a sisterhood of women that feel genuine, aligned and on a similar path as you

  • You’re experiencing a HUGE life change right now and feel like you’re completely starting over

  • Life feels like you’re treading water but not really get anywhere

  • More than anything, you are ready to CHANGE your current reality and gain access to the secret sauce of success & fulfillment

If this describes you, then I invite you to APPLY TODAY. 


hat is a Sistermind?

A VIP experience that will take you from

"life is confusing" to "soul with a purpose."

Here's what you can look forward to...

  • Four Private Soul Sessions with Tori where you get her undivided attention and eyeballs on your desires & process to achieve anything you want (Value: $1200 value)

  • Eight Group Sistermind Sessions led by Tori once a month to connect you with the other soul sisters in the circle so that you create relationships with like-minded women, learn how to manifest faster and practice owning your gifts amongst a collective group  (Value: $3,000)

  • Twelve Training Modules walking you through the 12 Laws of the Universe and how tap into them to GET ANYTHING YOU WANT!
    (Value: $3,000)

  • Meditation Training with Tori to find stillness with more ease and less doubt (Value: $333)

  • Energy Work directly from Tori to enhance your experience and speed up results (Value: $333)

  • Empath Training; how to use your gifts to increase your energy, protect your boundaries and step deeper into your power as a woman (Value: $333)

  • Protection Rituals to sustain and protect your energy so that you can benefit benefit benefit (Value: $333)

  • An empowered Sisterhood Community (Value: Priceless)

Application Deadline: April 29th.