Hey beautiful! I'm so glad that you landed here. It's never by chance in my book, I believe our paths crossed for a purpose and I am so excited to meet you. 

I'm here to deliver you an experience that will take you from
confused, overwhelmed and full of doubt around your life's purpose
to soul on fire with a purpose + plan

Before we get going, let me give you a chance to make sure this is for YOU!



  • Looking to find clarity on your life's purpose and what you are "suppose" to be doing 

  • Know deep down there is WAY more to life than what you are currently accessing 

  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the self-dbout about your career path that it's hard to make a decision

  • Tired of daydreaming about your ideal life/career and ready to finally take action  

  • Currently working in a soul-sucking job that brings you zero joy 

  • Going through a major transition in your career and feel like you are starting over 

  • Yearning for guidance on how to put ideas into action, turn doubt into decision and forge ahead on a new path 



  • Someone who has an "I already know that" mindset
  • Someone who sees investing in their spiritual growth as an expense 
  • Stuck in your comfort zone and unwilling to try new things 
  • Content with where you are at and have no desire to expand  
  • Someone who doesn't believe that we have a bigger purpose on this planet other than paying bills, sleep, eat, repeat

Which one are you? 

Okay, if you're still reading chances are you've decided this is for you! Now we can get into the all the amazing details of what Soul Purpose Academy is all about - WHEW! 


Soul Purpose Academy is a 4-Week Online Immersion taught by Spiritual Teacher and Life Purpose Coach, Tori Washington. 

 SPA is designed for you to turn doubt into decision and talk into action so that you can discover your Soul Purpose on this planet and start living the life that you deserve. 

Each module is taught in a LIVE online (yes, face-to-face) setting via a Zoom call once per week.
The recordings are then sent out to members of the immersion via email.
Lifetime access to every module is given to members at the end of the 4 weeks. 

Each week will build on the other until you reach your Soul's Purpose + a clear action plan. 

Week One is all about turning your doubt into decision!

  •  I'll be teaching you the 3-Key Laws of Universe that will help you melt away the self-doubt holding you back 
  • You will have an opportunity to release past-regrets, old patterns and any frustration/anger around your current career path so that you can begin this process completely clear + refreshed 



Week Two you will begin unwrapping the answers that
are able to surface now that your doubt has less of a voice.

  • You will begin to see yourself beyond just a physical body as you learn about your 6 Higher Faculties and how you can use them to play the game of life 
  • I'll be teaching you what your intuition really is and how you can use it to elevate into your Soul's Purpose
  • You'll learn how to distinguish between the illusion of fear and the voice of your intuition
  • You'll receive step-by-step practices to start engaging with your intuition so that it becomes a reliable guide for you 

During Week 3 you'll be in the discovery phase of this process.
It's all about creating unshakeable confidence within!

  • You'll discover your dharma (your life's purpose) and start connecting with your voice and expression
  • I'll be teaching you how to use numerology, meditation, journaling and crystals so you can heighten your awareness and receive clear action-steps
  • You'll learn all about your Throat Chakra and why it is absolutely necessary to keep this energy center balanced while sustaining your Soul's Purpose

Week 4 you'll be turning talk into action!

  • I'll be teaching you how to turn boring goals into juicy soul goals that you can achieve  
  • You'll receive the exact steps I use to create monthly vision boards that get you anything you want 
  • Together, we'll create an Activation Plan for your Soul's Purpose to manifest into your dream career/opportunity
  • You'll feel crystal clarity around your next steps, who you are and why your desires are worthy of success and prosperity

Is your Soul's Purpose calling you? 

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These bonuses are only available to students who
enroll into Soul Purpose Academy July 2018 class. 

  • 4 Live Group Q&A Calls to Get All of Your Questions Answered 
  • Crystal Guide to Call In Your Soul's Purpose 
  • Rituals 101 Masterclass: How to Create a Daily Ritual You Are Obsessed With 
  • Customize Affirmation Guide to Call In Your Soul's Highest Path


I'm rewarding all of my fast action ladies by taking $200 off the price of the immersion for the FIRST 10 women to sign up receive the crazy special rate of $397! 


Hey love! My name is Tori Washington.

I'm the Creator of Soul Purpose Academy, a Spiritual Lifestyle Educator,
Certified Energy Healer and Inspirational Speaker. 

I am so excited to release this immersion - for years I have helped women drop the doubt and step into their Soul's Purpose on this planet. Women have described their experience with me as completely transformation and the breath of fresh air they have been craving. 

I've decided to bottle up all the goodness from over 6 years of experience to create
the Ultimate Self-Discovery Immersion. 

Over the last 6 years...I’ve quit a dreadful retail job for a comfy corporate 9-5 job.

I quit corporate 9-5 for bare feet and yoga pants.

I quit bare feet and yoga pants for fuzzy slippers and traveling whenever I want.

Each time I quit the job that wasn’t serving me, I set forth on a new career path.

Claiming: “This. This is my life’s purpose! I’m getting closer.”

I have to admit - I was a title seeker. 
I wanted to be the best.

I wanted the title as Studio Manager.
I wanted the title as Executive. 
I wanted the title as Transformational Coach.

I've stepped into each of those titles...

And you know what I've realized?

Your life’s purpose has nothing to do with your career path...or bullshit title.

Your life’s purpose is meant to be discovered.

Your life’s purpose has nothing to do with WHAT you do.
 It has everything to do with WHO you are.

Your life’s purpose is a collection of all of your desires. 
And the feeling you get when you’re living those desires out loud.

It’s a return back to your most aligned self.

It’s your highest vibration.

You can be working overtime as a nurse, changing lives on a daily basis.

You might be thinking that is your life’s purpose. But it’s not.

Your purpose is who you are when you’re looking each patient in the eye.

Because when you retire from being a nurse, your life’s purpose doesn’t retire too.

You take with you ALL that you are. And you bring it into the next phase of your life.

From there you discover another avenue where you can live from the seat of your purpose.

If you are someone who has spent years and years begging the question, “WHY am I here?”

Then Soul Purpose Academy is for you. 

It's designed to help you identify WHO you are so that the power is
back in your hands on the direction of your life.  

From there, you have everything you need to attract the
careers/titles/people/opportunities that will fulfill you. 


My 9-5 corporate job led me to discover my desire to manage a yoga studio. 
The yoga studio led me to the discovery that I wanted to help women heal. 
Helping women has turned into an online coaching company.

These are all ACTIONS. Human Titles.

They are just funnels and connectors to my life's purpose - which is ME. 

Your life’s purpose is a state of BEING. 
It’s a cosmic agreement to be all that you already are.

YOU are the one that gives your life purpose. 

Your life’s purpose travels through worlds.

Worlds outside of this one that you see on Earth.

Your life’s purpose is so much bigger than just THIS life.

So no more worrying, love. You have everything you need within you. 
And I'm here to meet you as an ally in finding the answers. 

Now is the time to return back to your heart and follow the path of your burning desires.

In pursuit of your dreams, you will discover your life’s purpose
has been shining within you all along.


Chances are if you made it this far down, you're seriously considering enrolling in Soul Purpose Academy. I know you're going to love it and I have absolute confidence that this journey will take you from doubtful + unsure to crystal clear and on fire with a purpose.

With SBA, you're getting over $5,466 worth of content:

4 Live-Taught Training Modules ($2,220)

4 Live Q&A Sessions ($1,497)

4 Transformational Workbooks & Homework ($997)

Exclusive Members Only Facebook Group ($497)

BONUS #1: "How to Create A Daily Ritual You Are Obsessed With" ($47)

BONUS #2: "The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Cards + Crystals" ($111)

BONUS #3: "Affirmation Guide to Call In Your Soul's Highest Path" ($97)



Become one of the first 10 students to enroll and enjoy $200 off the original price!


1. When does the course start?

The next upcoming round of Soul Purpose Academy begins on July 1st, 2018 with the very first module.

2. What happens after I sign up Soul Purpose Academy?

As soon as you sign up for SBA, you will get a welcome email that includes a schedule of all the live calls including the exclusive Q&A calls. 

Every single call is recorded so if your time zone does not allow you to be on a live call, or you're unable to make a call, you will still get all the same content. You'll also be able to ask questions ahead of time and I will answer them live on the call so you can see them in the replay. 

3. What do I get in the course?

You will get access to four 60-90 minute modules that each come with a weekly workbook.

The workbooks contain life-changing soul work that is done on your own time outside of our sessions. These workbooks are designed to take what you've learned in our sessions to the next level. The workbooks contain transformational homework that is done outside of sessions and guaranteed to take your knowledge to the next level. THIS is where you learn to take the invisible and make it visible. 

You will also have access to four 60 minute Q&A livestream sessions where you can ask Tori any question you have pertaining to the course. 

Since you have LIFETIME access to everything shared with you during the immersion, you can keep coming back to the content over and over again as needed.

4. I'm super busy. What if I don't have time to go through the round right now?

I feel you! We all get busy so I've designed this immersion to support your busy schedule. Since each module is recorded, you'll be able to learn on your time, no matter what your schedule is. 

5. How long do I have access to the modules for?

The course comes with lifetime access.

6. Do you give refunds?

Due to the nature of this course, there are no refunds available. 

7. Can you guarantee results?

If you commit to yourself, do the work and follow-the-processes taught in the immersion, you will most definitely experience more clarity and fulfillment than you ever thought possible. Since I can't guarantee you'll do the work, I unfortunately can't guarantee you'll get results. By signing up for this immersion, you're taking full responsibility for your success by taking the initiative to put these practices into action. 

9. Are there benefits to joining the July round vs other rounds?

Absolutely. The July round includes all three bonuses. The July round also gives you advantage of the founding members special rate of which is 50% less than future rounds. SBA typically costs $997 with a value of over $3,000.

Because Tori's private 1:1 coaching availability is filled, this is the only way to be able to work with her in a live setting and feel as if she is mentoring you through the entire process.