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What if the truth you're looking for is within you all along?

Raise Your Vibe. Revive Your Soul. Reclaim Your Destiny. 

Soul Sessions are a unique opportunity for you to receive 1:1 support from Tori along your healing and spiritual journey. There are three different pathways for you to take: 

1. Rise Up
for the soul who is in the beginning stages of her spiritual journey
& is looking to cultivate unbreakable confidence.

2. Revive Your Soul
for the spirit who is in need of an energetic realignment,
spiritual cleanse and new levels of inspiration. 

3. Reclaim Your Destiny
for the spiritual seeker experiencing a deep change or transition and
is looking for guidance as she embraces these waves of uncertainty.  

How does it all work?

  • Pick your path (try not to overthink it!) - choose the one that MOST resonates with you. Tori will ensure you receive all that you need during your session. 
  • Book your session + complete payment. 
  • Tori will e-mail you to schedule your session 

⭑  ALL sessions are 60 minutes. 
⭑ Includes: prep-work, 5 spread card reading, spiritual lifestyle coaching, follow-up practices & any workbooks Tori feels would be appropriate for you. 

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Pathway 1 ⇢ Rise Up 

This sessions is perfect for you if:

You're just beginning your spiritual journey but you crave the guidance to confidently rise up and walk your path of purpose in the world. You're looking for clarity on specific areas of your life and follow-up practices you can do to keep moving in the right direction. Negative thinking and fear hold you in a state of paralyzation. You're ready to begin but you just don't can't figure out how. 


Pathway 2 ⇢ Revive Your Soul 

This session is perfect for you if:

You've embraced a spiritual lifestyle and have made great progress along the way. You feel confident in your ability to maintain a positive mindset. However there are some bumps along the way. You're feeling stuck, bogged down by other people's energy and don't quite know how to reach your next level of growth. You're looking for a spiritual revival for your soul where you leave empowered, cleansed and ready to expand beyond your current state. 


Pathway 3 ⇢ Reclaim Your Destiny 

This session is perfect for you if:

You're facing a deep change. A big transition. All of your the spiritual work you've done up to this point has been supportive and now you're staring a blank canvas. You're starting over and need guidance on how to move forward as gracefully as possible. You're usually a very intuitive person but right now, you feel your vision is clouded by fear and confusion.