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Calling all spiritually curious humans
craving deeper fulfillment in their career!

>> Learn how to leverage the 12 Laws of the Universe
to drop doubt and fulfill your purpose <<

The 12:12 Experience is a FREE Immersion I offer once a year.
BUT as as participant of Living From the Feminine it's all yours right now.
Go from lack to purpose with 12 Laws in 12 Days.
This is perfect for you if:
  • You are someone who yearns for a deeper sense of fulfillment personally and professionally

  • You've heard of the Law of Attraction before and you've maybe even watched The Secret

  • But you haven't been able to figure out how to use it to create REAL results in your life

  • You find that waking up each day, there's a lack of desire and intention behind what you're doing 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Deep down, you believe there's MORE to life than paying bills, sleeping and drinking coffee

  • And you're ready to FINALLY stop feeling stuck and start feeling more personal fulfillment that shares a greater impact in the world

Did you know there are 11 Hidden Laws of the Universe?

The one law you've probably heard of is the Law of Attraction.

I spent years obsessed with the Law of Attraction, 
some months getting amazing results. Other months -- nothing

Until, I found out that there were OTHER extremely valuable laws that I was missing out on. 
And these laws played a HUGE role in how the Law of Attraction was actually meant to be used. 

I went from a total non-believer, victim mindset feeling POWERLESS over my life
to a confident, spiritually driven creator.  

When you understand ALL 12 laws of the Universe - you understand the game of life.

It's like someone handing you a map to the most adventurous
and soul-shaking road trip of your life. 

The truth is you didn't come here to suffer and struggle.
You didn't come here to feel constant self-doubt and confusion. 

You came here to have a mind-blowing human experience. 
You came here with gifts, resources and intelligence to help you
create joy, fulfillment and massive success. 

The 12 Laws of the Universe hand you the keys
to start driving your life in the direction of your Soul's purpose.  

How the 12:12 Experience Works:
  • 12 Laws. 12 Days. You can listen to ALL 12 laws at once or follow along with the workbook for 12 days.

  • Upon signing up, you'll receive a WELCOME E-MAIL from me inviting you to join our private Facebook Group.

  • From there, you’ll get a downloadable link

  • From there, you will receive a high-quality audio playlist diving into one of the 12 laws of the Universe

  • PLUS a quick activation practice to put each law into MOTION!

By the end of the 12:12 Experience you will stop playing small

and start creating the life you've always wanted to live.