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Welcome to The Inner Soul Circle! I am so thrilled that you landed here. 

The Inner Soul Circle is place where creatives, light-workers, visionaries and
women with soul come together to create a sustainable spiritual practice that will uplevel their daily life in a massive way.



  • Someone who has a spiritual practice but it feels isolating - you're ready to come out of the spiritual closet!
  • Ready to dive into mind-expanding knowledge to help you grow 
  • Truly ready to understand yourself in a deeper way so you can breakthrough to your intuition 
  • Eager to learn new spiritual concepts but aren't sure where to start or how to stay consistent 
  • Seeking a mentor and coach to guide you through the journey of building your own spiritual practice
  • LOVE geeking out on all things manifestation, crystals, card readings, past-lives and all the things!
  • Someone who sees immense VALUE in investing in her well-being and spiritual growth 


  • Someone who has an "I already know that" mindset
  • Someone who sees investing in their spiritual growth as a expense 
  • Looking to be convinced that this "woo-woo" stuff actually works 
  • Stuck in your comfort zone and unwilling to try new things 
  • You are content with where you are at and have no desire to expand  


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This is a one-stop shop for you create a sustainable spiritual practice that feels easy, free and elevating. 

Join us inside for less than your daily latte or green juice! 

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Guest Speaker + Virtual Workshop

This workshop will be LIVE on Wednesday, June 13th at 4:30pm PST.
If you are unable to make it live, the workshop will be recorded and
added to your members only portal so you can access it anytime. 

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Moon Medicine: Hormones & Cycles

  • Have you been craving a TRIBE of women to connect with around the joys and struggles of being a woman?
  • Do you suffer from irregular cycles, PMS, or infertility and are looking for natural ways to balance your hormones and female cycles?

Then you definitely don't want to miss this month's Guest Speaker! 

Join Dr. Gordon and connect with a TRIBE of women to learn about:

  • The complex orchestra of the female hormones and what may be blocking this important system’s harmonious rhythm in your own body
  • Understand how your hormones and hormonal cycles are greatly impacted by your diet, lifestyle, birth control, your gut, and surprisingly, the moon.
  • Discover the meaning behind your cycles and the importance of having a TRIBE of women to support you through the feminine phases
  • Receive tools and practices to help connect your own internal rhythms with those of nature, utilizing the medicine of the moon, seeds, herbs, specific nutrients, and your daily practices

I am so excited for you to meet this amazing woman. Dr. Gordon is a naturopathic and functional medicine doctor and founder of Tribe Medicine with expertise in understanding the obstacles to healing in the areas of hormone balance, thyroid and adrenal conditions, gut health, anxiety and depression, and preconception and fertility care.



What is the structure of the membership? 

You sign up. You receive INSTANT access to your membership portal. The membership portal is FILLED with all of my favorite spiritual techniques, tips and tricks that you get to dive into right away.

I'm all about taking action and making this as easy as possible for you. Every month I add in 2-3 NEW gifts to the portal. 

On top of that: once a month I bring in a Guest Speaker to lead a Virtual Workshop for Inner Soul Circle members only. These cover juicy topics like Moon Medicine, Intuition, Astrology, etc. 

What if I'm traveling a lot that month?

Zero worries. Your monthly toolbox is entirely self-paced and you have access to me along the way as you go. This membership is all about teaching you how to maintain a high vibration consistently whether you are traveling, grounded at home or going through a big change. Life is all about flow so the tools I give you are meant to support your schedule/current routine. 

What if I can't make the Live Virtual Workshop one month? 

The class will be recorded and added to your monthly portal where you can access anytime. 

What's inside the Membership Portal?

The membership portal is FILLED with all of my favorite spiritual techniques, tips and tricks. There are 8 categories total:

  • Masterclasses: 50 - 60 minute classes breaking down a specific topic or theme
  • Virtual Workshops + Guest Speakers: all guest speaker workshops will be uploaded in your membership portal. 
  • Group Q&A: each month you'll join me for a special members only group Q&A session for extra support + laser coaching. 
  • Meditations: guided meditations you can download and use anytime. There is also a request form if you'd like me to make a specialized meditation based on what you're moving through. 
  • Moon Magic: new moon and full moon rituals, astrology and general moon guidance
  • Journal Prompts + Workbooks: quick worksheets, journal prompts and fun workbooks to get your creative juices flowing
  • How-to Video Guides: 5 - 10 minute how-to video guides. Request form is also available if you have a topic you'd like me to cover here! 
  • Live Soul Chats: 20 - 30 minute downloads from the Universe straight to you. I'll be presenting these on instagram and then uploading them for you to have exclusive access anytime. 

Could I just find this information for free online?

Let me save you hours of time. One of the reasons I created this membership is because there is SO MUCH incorrect and outdated information online about how to "quick fix" yourself and your life. 

I mean... do you want to keep trying quick fixes and going back to your same old routines that don't work anymore...or do you want to invest in yourself AND a membership that has proven results from tons of other women? 

Think about the time you’d save by not having to dig through old blog posts, instagram and implement vague "3-step to happiness guides" just to *maybe* find something that kinda works for like a month.

The Inner Soul Circle takes you on a curated journey of creating a spiritual practice of your own understanding. It's time to step into your purpose, for real. No time wasted and no outdated bullshit. 

6. What if I'm brand new to this whole spiritual thing? 

What a great way to start your spiritual journey! So many of us spend the first few years stumbling through and taking shots in the dark and hoping something will magically change within us. 

By starting out with The Inner Soul Circle, you’re likely to learn more about who you are and grow faster than you would otherwise on your own. 

Yeah, it might take a few weeks or months longer to lay the groundwork, but you’ve gotta do that anyway, right? Might as well take the ride with your own spirit guide, girl. I'm excited to welcome you! 

I have a hard time spending money on myself and this feels like a big commitment to me. Is it really worth it?

I purposely priced this so that it can be accessible to ALL women ready to embark on a spiritual journey. But, I'll let one of the members, Jewell answer that for you.. 

I committed to Tori’s program because I knew she’d be the one to help me move towards a fulfilling life complete with joy and purpose.  I wasn’t prepared for how fast the shift would occur but as the weeks went on Tori helped me to realize that everything unfolds in divine timing. Through meditation, journaling, insightful book suggestions and card readings, Tori helped me to tap into the darkness inside of me that was holding me back from flourishing as my best, highest self. 

Within weeks of active manifesting the trajectory of my life did a complete 180!  Tori helped me to realize that I’m a “manifesting Queen” and can truly co-create my reality with the Universe.

- Jewell S

Ready to sign up? Click here to enroll in The Inner Soul Circle!  

The idea of a membership freaks me out, what if I need to cancel? 

Super easy, just email and you can cancel anytime. 

I have so much going on, I don't think I'll be able to get to all of this... 

Me too, love! That's why I'm your girl. Think about it this way... you are the one where time comes from. You can make as much of it as you want.

We are conditioned to assume that there's a scarcity of time. This leads to an uncomfortable feeling that we are always running out or losing time.

But I'm here to teach you that you are much more powerful than that. If you feel you don't have the time, sign up and I'll show you how to create MORE time than you've ever imagined. The Inner Soul Circle was created for you to have accountability and support while mastering simple spiritual practices.



Hear what other members and clients are saying! 

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So pumped to have you join us, love.

See you on the inside!


Check out what the other members are saying:

"Whether you are familiar with this profound self exploration or just getting to know your true self, Tori does an excellent job accommodating all women by meeting you where you are on the path. Her passion, confidence, and knowledge shine through every interaction, and her intuitive advice is a true gift. I feel so blessed to have an abundance of support and encouragement as I add and refine new practices(or resources) to my toolbox in order to create a more fulfilling and joyful life!" - Heather N.

"Tori equips you with sacred tools designed to clear space for abundance and light to flood into your life! I’m beyond grateful for the wisdom and support that primed me to fully cherish the holiday season and to take on 2018 simultaneously feeling grounded and expansive!!!" - Kazmira H

"Joining this program has been the best thing I've done for myself. - Adriane C.

"I now move from a place of love and compassion for myself and others and this has truly opened me up to a state of being that I never thought possible. I trust my intuition and myself and know, truly know that all things are working together for my good. It’s beyond powerful to have continuous dialogue between my old self and my new self and to consciously make the choice to align with my new self and reach for my highest vibration. Without Tori, the journey to get here would have taken much longer; she definitely helped to accelerate my progress." - Jewell S.