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"Tori is just one of those people who makes you feel like you've know each other for your entire lives even if you just met moments before and because of that, she created a space where we were able to dig deep into the soul work that all of us were searching for in a safe, meaningful and memorable way. My biggest takeaway from working with Tori is that you are worthy. You are worthy of all that your soul desires from your life experience and you have the answers inside of in the process and Tori will help guide you to a new level in your life that you didn't even know existed."

MB, Wellness Coach, That Wellthy Life

This certification program is PERFECT for you if:

  • You are a spiritual entrepreneur or high-achieving woman who is ready to feel completely embodied as an intuitive, soulful leader

  • You’re ready to learn effective ways to lead your students and clients through the 12 Laws of the Universe

  • You’re deeply devoted to living out your life’s purpose and feel extremely passionate about discovering the path to get there

  • You’re the type of person who is determined to make a meaningful impact on this planet

  • You have a big vision that you refuse to give up on

  • You yearn for a mentor that will pull you forward, activate your energy and help you reach your goals with clarity + confidence

What is Soul Leadership Academy?

SLA is an online training that helps you gain the confidence and spiritual resources you need to embody soulful leadership, make an impact and launch your big vision.

Why you need this training: