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The Third Eye Experience is a 4-week journey to help you go from from blurry and blocked to an intuitive woman in action.

This is for the woman who is ready to re-activate her intuition and unleash her intuitive gifts.

She's looking to fine-tune her vision for her life and get crystal clear on what exactly turns her soul on. 

She's tired of letting self-doubt run the show and knows it's time to increase her self-worth,
walk with more confidence and finally connect with herself on a deeper level. 

Sister, it's time to get out of your head and into your third eye so you can finally start feeling that clear and consistent connection with the Universe you've always wanted. 

What you can expect:

  • A new topic every week to help you unleash your intuition and awaken your inner-guide 

  • Opportunities to experience and practice using your intuition in real time (I refer to these as Intuitive Soul Sessions) 

  • Access to Tori's most transformative meditations and rituals

  • Intimate 1:1 spiritual mentorship from your own intuitive guide, Tori Washington

  • A new tribe of spiritually curious women to connect & grow with 

You can save and purchase all four workshops 
OR save a single seat for the dates you can attend. 

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During Week 1, we will demystify your intuition and answer the following questions:

  • What is intuition and where does it come from? 

  • What's the difference between intuition and fear? 

  • How do you balance logic and intuition? 

  • Reveal & demystify common myths about intuition 

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During Week 2, I will be taking you through an Energy Upgrade to prep your mind and body to begin receiving intuitive downloads. I'll also be diving into:

  • The 5 main channels of intuition and how to use them 

  • Your 7 main chakras and how to align them for intuitive downloads

  • How to translate messages from the Universe/Your intuition

  • Creating customized affirmations and mantras for your Highest Self 

During Week 3, we'll start the THIRD EYE MANIFESTATION journey. I'll be teaching you step by step how to: 

  • Use my signature, Third Eye Manifestation roadmap that guarantees success 

  • Use the Quantum Field to visualize and manifest faster than ever before 

  • Master the art of "being" and "doing" by stepping into into the power of spiritual surrender 

  • Release negative energy from the past/present 


Week 4: Meet Your Spirit Guides

And NOW, it's time to meet your Spirit Guides! During Week 4 I'll be guiding you through more advanced practices like: 

  • Guided Vision quests to meet your main Spirit Guide and other helpers

  • Decoding the language of your intuition and the messages that are being sent to you 

  • Energy Protection Rituals 

  • Channeling, intuitive downloads and subconscious reprogramming