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Fearlessly Create Your Reality: a chakra exploration

Join Spiritual Guide, Tori Washington, as you expand your knowledge of the Chakra System (your energetic body). Your Chakras carry the story of your life - gifting you with wisdom you need to heal with lightness and ease. By expanding your knowledge of your unique chakra system, you begin to play an active role in fearlessly creating your reality.

Sneak Peak at what you'll explore: 

  • The science behind your energetic anatomy to jumpstart your healing journey
  • Gain access to the most important law of the Universe and how it relates to the way you receive & show up in the world
  • Discover Tori's 3-step process to removing fear (blockages in your chakras) so you can openly step into your self-confidence and power to create
  • Learn how to create sacred space for yourself to protect your energy and deepen the connection with your intuition
  • Experience a deep meditation accompanied by energy healing to replenish your mind and body

    Each student will receive a chakra starter kit:

>> Chakra Exploration Workbook
>> Follow Up Chakra Guided Meditation
>> Crystals for support

Save your seat: $35 pre-sale | $40 at the door